Enjoy That Beer

Enjoy your Friday night beer.

Seriously, Cheers it up!​

While you're out "living" for Friday night, I'm producing content.

While your out "enjoying that beer", your co-worker is hustling getting ahead.

Whil​e you're out getting smashed, your roommate is studying.

Just a friendly reminder.

If you wanna get out of your current job and into a better one; you're gonna have to work for it.

Hustle. All of like the idea of Hustle, but few of us actually do it.

You're not getting any younger.

When we started our website ventures in 2013, we were both 23 years old and had full time jobs (40 hours/week).

But we didn't wanna work at our dead end jobs anymore.

We wanted to have freedom.​

So, for 18 months we worked 60+ hours to get our website on track; enough to pay our bills.​

In 2015, we were both able to quit our day jobs and work full time online.

But it didn't come over night. It took 2 of us (pretty savvy dudes), 18 months of working our side hustle to make it happen.​

It took time and sacrifice.


​That's something the millennial generation could learn a little bit about. 

Even though we're the future, I think we need to ​learn to sacrifice the now for the future.

To all my Friday Night Hustlers, thank you. You're the true heroes!

To everyone else, Enjoy that Beer!​

Avoiding Entrepreneurial Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

I meant to take today off from the busyness of cold call outreach.

Sometimes I forget that besides the agency, I'm also running 4 other successful websites (including this one).

I just checked the Google Analytics yesterday to be sure.

We reached 4,000 visitors between all 4 sites last week. That's pretty good.

Es​pecially since 90% of those visitors came organically from Google.

​Today, I wanted to talk about Entrepreneurial burnout, and how you can avoid it.

Ever have an engine that wouldn't turn over for you no matter how much you tried? It feels something like that.

A book could be written on just my experiences with burnout.​

60-70 hour weeks for close to 18 months. ​Staying up for 48 hours to get ahead.

My business partner, I believe his record is something like 56 hours of wake time working.

It's not healthy, and in fact; can lead to some pretty detrimental consequences. ​


This week is the first week I've written a blog post on back-to-back days for one of our websites since 2015.

Back then, we were pumping out 25 articles/week.

That includes:

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • ​Graphic Design
  • Post Editing & Formatting
  • Scheduling to Social Media

Our record was 500 articles written in just under 5 months.

Two people managing 5-6 others.​

We pretty much blanket covered every single keyword in our niche in 2015. It was amazing, we had never had so much traffic or money.

​However, burnout from managing a team of writers, editors and publishers hit us pretty hard.

A quote from Dave Ramsey says "Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else"

Now, Dave Ramsey specializes getting people out of debt; however the same principles apply for growing your business.

At the time, we were both working 40 hour jobs and doing the "website" thing on the side.

We "had" to work 16 hour days just to get ahead.

Eventually the success of our online business allowed us to both quit our day jobs.

The point of the story is you need a day off. That was today.

Are you experiencing the same things in your job or business?

​I'd love to hear more about your experiences! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to tell me your story.

Officially, a Millennial

Officially, a Millennial

Have you ever just dropped into a coffee shop to offer your Facebook Advertising services to their business?

Chances are you haven't, unless you're a millennial.

I've grown up with the Internet. Literally. 

I'm not sad those days are gone. I truly loathed dial-up, especially when I was trying to download 30GB of music onto my parent's ancient (windows 2000) PC.

I've had the opportunity to witness the greatest paradigm shift in our modern history.

More about that later. 

Let's get back to the story.

Today was a special day. I was able to catch myself in the moment, realizing how special of a time and place we live in right now. In 2017.​

Here, I was standing in a local coffee shop, offering my Agency's services to the general manager of the shop.

​He understood the value of locally targeted ads. He was super jazzed and completely on board with what we had to offer. I started getting excited...

Then Teddy said something very peculiar. He goes, "I get it guys, but the owner isn't a Millennial ya know? She doesn't understand it all."

He then went on to re-assure us he understood completely how valuable our services that we were offering really were. ​

But that doesn't get us anywhere when the owner is the one who has the keys to the cookie jar.

That was our 100th "cold call" visit to a local business in a week. 

Out of the 100 restaurants, salons and coffee shops we visited; we got a few promising leads.

The businesses that have shown interest all seem to have one thing in common.

They get it.

They understand that you can pay $1 for a click to your website and potentially have that visitor sign up to your email list to receive your stores' special deals. 

They understand that, if done correctly; you can make on average $1 per email address on your email list per month.

If you have 1,000 people signed up to your email list, that's an extra $1000/month. ​

However, most business owners are NOT Millennials, and you'd be hard pressed to teaching them how your Agency funnels paid ads into raving fans.

So, the trek continues. 

Our Agency will continue doing grass roots outreach to all of Southeastern Michigan until we reach our goals.


If you enjoyed reading my excerpts from today, be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated!

Building a Digital Marketing Agency

Agency Building

I've been here before.....

It's that moment right before I can take a deep sigh of relief, knowing I've reached the point of success. That moment right before the proverbial finish line.

 I've learned to become more reserved about my "work" and what I consider my "career".

It's definitely not for everyone, and friends and family have had their reservations (and for good reasons) at different times throughout this journey.

I also believe it would take a special kind of someone to do it all on their own.

I'm not that special someone. I have been forever graced with a brilliant, intelligent business partner that also happens to be a very dear friend.

When we started building out websites 3 1/2 years ago, our inital thoughts were to make enough money to pay rent.

Fast forward almost 4 years later and we're on the verge of a full blown Digital Marketing Agency.​

I know in my mind once we have enough clients to outsource we will have reached our "autopilot" and everything will be just hunky-dory. ​

We know how to project a number and reach our goals. That's what scary. This time around we're actually armed with a butt-load of knowledge; unlike before.

​We already have a few great friends willing to do graphic work, photography, web design; all as add-ons for our clients.

I am truly grateful for you guys and your willingness to help our clients. ​

We know how to do Facebook Advertising. We understand the ROI needed for our potential clients. Unfortunately, there's a trust gap between our potential clients and our services we offer. 

That's been the hardest part so far. Even though we can do Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Management on a whim; local businesses are still slightly "sketch" to believe we can truly offer it all.

I've had to learn to bridle my tongue about my past successes, even if they're relevant. Some business owners won't change their mind no matter what.

I'm learning to accept that. By time you read this post, we will have reached out to our 100th potential client within just one week.

We are obviously still in outreach phase, however everything on the backend is ready to go as soon as someone signs on the dotted line.

I have a few appointments tomorrow to "qualify" some of these businesses further. We need to make sure they're just as good a fit to us as us to them.

I am completely prepared for this agency to scale by 2018. We've scaled before, and now we've learned from mistakes past.​

I'm not really worried about the competition.

Frankly, there is none. We are already marketing like it's 2020.​

Snapchat Geo-Filters. QR Codes. Paid Shoutouts. Hashtag Outreach.

We are completely ready. Let's go.

Wanna keep up with what we're doing and where we're at building out our digital marketing agency?

Follow me on Twitter, I'll keep you updated.