Having a Valley Mentality

Having A Valley Mentality

Millions of Americans climb the wrong ladder. You waste your time always thinking about the top.

Seldom reach the pinnacle of their hopes and dreams, especially when it comes to business. Most are rooted in unrealistic fantasies and don't have actionable objectives to reach their insane goals.

I have confidence I can speak for both myself and my business partner that we were both in that mind frame in 2015.

Let me take you back.....

March 23rd, 2015. The day I quit my job.

I worked at University of Michigan Hospital, as an inpatient unit clerk. I handled the responsibility of keeping the hospital unit running like a well oiled machine.

However, my website had already generated over $10,000 in 21 days. Which was 8-10 times more than I was making working at the hospital. 

So I took the plunge into entrepreneurship. I was making real money, working insane hours, and had freedom like I'd never had before. 

Although I was riding higher than ever before, I didn't realize my website had reached the mountain top.

About 6 months after I quit my job, the website started to drop in revenue. 

Due to tons of different factors, the website never saw it's former glory. Here's a screenshot of the website traffic from inception to date:

google analytics stats

It literally looks like a mountain.

Which brings me to my point in writing this blog post:

The majority of my skills were learned through the buildup. The valley before the success, and the climb.

The mountain top moments are just that. Moments.

Don't work your life away for moments. 

Enjoy the rise.

Enjoy the climb.

Enjoy the journey.

Keep up with my journey!

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