Building a Digital Marketing Agency

Agency Building

I've been here before.....

It's that moment right before I can take a deep sigh of relief, knowing I've reached the point of success. That moment right before the proverbial finish line.

 I've learned to become more reserved about my "work" and what I consider my "career".

It's definitely not for everyone, and friends and family have had their reservations (and for good reasons) at different times throughout this journey.

I also believe it would take a special kind of someone to do it all on their own.

I'm not that special someone. I have been forever graced with a brilliant, intelligent business partner that also happens to be a very dear friend.

When we started building out websites 3 1/2 years ago, our inital thoughts were to make enough money to pay rent.

Fast forward almost 4 years later and we're on the verge of a full blown Digital Marketing Agency.​

I know in my mind once we have enough clients to outsource we will have reached our "autopilot" and everything will be just hunky-dory. ​

We know how to project a number and reach our goals. That's what scary. This time around we're actually armed with a butt-load of knowledge; unlike before.

​We already have a few great friends willing to do graphic work, photography, web design; all as add-ons for our clients.

I am truly grateful for you guys and your willingness to help our clients. ​

We know how to do Facebook Advertising. We understand the ROI needed for our potential clients. Unfortunately, there's a trust gap between our potential clients and our services we offer. 

That's been the hardest part so far. Even though we can do Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Management on a whim; local businesses are still slightly "sketch" to believe we can truly offer it all.

I've had to learn to bridle my tongue about my past successes, even if they're relevant. Some business owners won't change their mind no matter what.

I'm learning to accept that. By time you read this post, we will have reached out to our 100th potential client within just one week.

We are obviously still in outreach phase, however everything on the backend is ready to go as soon as someone signs on the dotted line.

I have a few appointments tomorrow to "qualify" some of these businesses further. We need to make sure they're just as good a fit to us as us to them.

I am completely prepared for this agency to scale by 2018. We've scaled before, and now we've learned from mistakes past.​

I'm not really worried about the competition.

Frankly, there is none. We are already marketing like it's 2020.​

Snapchat Geo-Filters. QR Codes. Paid Shoutouts. Hashtag Outreach.

We are completely ready. Let's go.

Wanna keep up with what we're doing and where we're at building out our digital marketing agency?

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