Enjoy That Beer

Enjoy your Friday night beer.

Seriously, Cheers it up!​

While you're out "living" for Friday night, I'm producing content.

While your out "enjoying that beer", your co-worker is hustling getting ahead.

Whil​e you're out getting smashed, your roommate is studying.

Just a friendly reminder.

If you wanna get out of your current job and into a better one; you're gonna have to work for it.

Hustle. All of like the idea of Hustle, but few of us actually do it.

You're not getting any younger.

When we started our website ventures in 2013, we were both 23 years old and had full time jobs (40 hours/week).

But we didn't wanna work at our dead end jobs anymore.

We wanted to have freedom.​

So, for 18 months we worked 60+ hours to get our website on track; enough to pay our bills.​

In 2015, we were both able to quit our day jobs and work full time online.

But it didn't come over night. It took 2 of us (pretty savvy dudes), 18 months of working our side hustle to make it happen.​

It took time and sacrifice.


​That's something the millennial generation could learn a little bit about. 

Even though we're the future, I think we need to ​learn to sacrifice the now for the future.

To all my Friday Night Hustlers, thank you. You're the true heroes!

To everyone else, Enjoy that Beer!​