The Mountaintop

In late 2015, we were peaking having our best month ever of just short of 450k monthly website visitors.  We were right around the time of our ebook completion and promoting our brand new DIY Ejuice guide to our 20k email subscribers.  In the midst of that, we were starting to get burned out. WeContinue reading “The Mountaintop”

Do we Zig or Zag?

During 2014 and 2015, we learned a lot about who our main search competitors were. Besides Quit Smoking Community, we also had TBEC. TBEC was the acronym popularized from their exact match domain: the-best-electronic-cigarette.comAt a time when EMD’s were fizzling out of relevance in terms of having an SEO edge, TBEC decided to make a move.ItContinue reading “Do we Zig or Zag?”

Coopetition Wins

It felt like a mecca of vaping review websites were coming out of Southeastern Michigan in late 2013 – early 2014.TJ had started venturing out and meeting like-minded business people through the Meetup app.There was a guy TJ met at one of these meetups who happened to be friends with someone else that was runningContinue reading “Coopetition Wins”

Starting from Zero

When I started the vaping website in December of 2013, I was just beginning to wrap my head around search engine optimization (SEO). TJ and I were binge listening, reading and watching dozens of podcasts, articles and videos. We listened to everything from starting a website, to ranking in Google, how to write articles andContinue reading “Starting from Zero”