Why I changed to ProtonMail (and you should too)

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a Gmail account. However, lately you’ve been thinking about switching email providers.


Whether it be bad Google practices, collection of data, or privacy issues; there are more than just a few legitimate reasons to be seeking an alternative email option.


I was sick of Google. I was done ‘feeding the beast’.


Despite their predatory practices of stifling competition, they have become the worlds biggest email and they own the market share for most popular search engine provider by a long shot (it’s not even close).


So I was done with them. 


Enter ProtonMail

I first found Proton Mail while using DuckDuckGo to search for a privacy focused email alternative.


I knew that I wanted something useful. I chose to go the route of an email provider that respected my privacy. Proton Mail also came with the added benefit of end to end encryption


Not only that, but it seemed like privacy and data protection was at the core of who they are.


Turns out that its true.


You can sign up for a FREE account here.